5 Steps to Planning an Elegant and Affordable Party

Planning a party is no easy task. It takes time, determination and some good quality rentals to pull off an event people will talk about for weeks to come. But this is easier said than done. If you’re looking to host a party that doesn’t burn a large hole in your pocket, we’ve come up with a few guidelines.

Party equipment rental chicago
Party equipment rental

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to host an affordable, yet elegant event.

 Do Your Research

Pinterest is your guide here. Create a board and start pinning elements of your dream party. It could be the style you want, i.e., minimalism, gothic, themed, medieval, or even floral inspired. It is important to focus on style and functionality, rather than aesthetics, when it comes to party planning. This will help you narrow down your ideas to a clear picture of D-day.

chair linen
chair linen Rental 

Decide What Type of Event it is

You could host an elegant dinner party, a black-tie affair; a tea party, with medieval attire; an afternoon brunch; on a weekend with your colleagues; a graduation party for your daughter; or even a birthday party for your kids! As soon as you decide what type of event it is, it becomes easier to pick the color schemes, floral arrangements and type of canopy you want.

party-event-rental arlington height

Fix the Scale of the Event

Different events call for different scales of people invited. An afternoon brunch party could be a quiet affair with less than ten people; and a graduation party could be a public event with the whole school invited; a large sporting event where you can show off your top hats; or even the grand opening of your new store! Scale is very important in deciding the budget, seating arrangement and number of equipment you need to keep your guests satisfied.

Table Linen
Table Linen Rental

Plan the Event

Let’s get down to brass tacks now. We say we’ll plan but it ends up being procrastinated till the last minute, much like other things that are intimidating. Our advice is to get a planner. It will help you jot down all your ideas and schedule things like the caterer, musicians, florists, and maybe an entertainer, if you’d like! At the end of the day, you can look at your planner and sum up everything you’ve done. There’s no greater satisfaction than that.

Party theme chicago
Party theme rental chicago

Make a List of What You Need to Rent

Most events – whether large or small scale – call for things that need to be rented. You’ll have to rent chairs, tables, food equipment, staging, and even linen for the tables. Most important of all, if you live in an area with high precipitation, it calls for a tent or canopy to save your equipment from getting ruined. We don’t own everything, and would rather rent than buy. This saves you the time and money, not to mention, the space.

Wedding accessories rentals chicago
Wedding accessories rentals chicago

The above guidelines are just the beginning of your party planning venture. Feel free to create your own guidelines when you get started. It might seem incredibly intimidating to plan a party, but all it takes is a planner, good quality rental equipment and not a whole lot of money, like most people might think.

Arlington Rental is known for their punctual delivery and good quality rentals in Chicago and nearby suburbs. Not only is all your rented equipment taken care of, it will also be delivered and set up at a time and place of your choice.


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