Way to Celebrate the Most Patriotic 4th of July Event

Who doesn’t love a good 4th of July party? Have you ever hosted one? If not- make this year a year to remember! We’re going to share with you our favorite basics for table and chair rentals, linen rentals, and decorating, as well as a few on how we like to amp up the party.

Arlington rental
Party Linen USA

Most 4th of July parties happen outdoors- take advantage of the beautiful weather and open space! If you don’t have too much room then move the party over to a park. Rent several round tables for guests to sit at while they eat, but also one or two rectangular ones to lay out a buffet. When you rent chairs, it’s great to select white ones to go with the well-loved red, white, and blue theme.  Resin or plastic folding chairs are the most convenient choices as you can easily take them in your vehicle.

4th july party USA flag

USA Flag Celebration

Linens are always one of the best ways to establish your color scheme. Continue the red, white, and blue theme with the various linen rentals that we offer.  Our favorite picks for this occasion are our basic poly cottons in red, white, and royal blue.

A little tip: We have special Nationalistic linen which can perfectly accent your table as a festive napkin!

When it comes to 4th of July food, you know what your guests want. Keep it simple with hamburgers and hotdogs, while shaking it up with a few signature drinks. This is the perfect time to embrace the beloved Coffee cap trend.

Outdoor party Linen

                                                                     Outdoor party Celebration

We like to plan simple and low maintenance 4th of July parties as this makes it all the easier to enjoy the event and company to the fullest.

It’s always such a vibrant and joyful holiday. It’s a day for letting your hair down, bringing it back to basics, and remembering everything that you have to be grateful for.


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