Stylish Summer Party Rental Services provided by Arlington Rental

One of the summer’s tried and trusted color palettes has us planning in bright corals, deep oranges, glittering golds, and crisp whites. From chair rentals to linens, and everything in between, we have all of the pieces you ever wanted to design a gorgeous celebration.

chair rentals palatine
Summer party rentals palatine

Top Left:

Tent rentals have not only become a popular setting for weddings part event and other special events, but also highly idealized. The pleated white ceiling lends textural details while sand colored voile swagging cast a warm, summery glow over the guests below. Chandeliers add a little extra elegant sparkle.

Top Right:

It’s not easy to pull off patterns stacked on top of each other, but our Ivory linen pairs beautifully with our Persimmon shade. A centerpiece of flowers in various complimentary  hues complete the look.

Bottom Right:

Our lounge furniture rentals have never been in such high demand! Sleek white metro lounge furniture pieces look cool and breezy amongst pops of vibrant oranges. Best suited for relaxing outdoor events on a sunny summer day.

lounge furniture rentals palatine
lounge furniture rentals palatine

Bottom Left:

Rows of gleaming gold Chiavari chairs are a welcoming sight. With their gently curved outlines and glossy coloring, Chiavari chairs add a special something no matter what the occasion. White seat cushions increase both style and comfort.


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