Choose most suitable Chairs and Chair Covers on rent for Your Event

It is amazing, sometimes, how a single element can give a whole room aesthetic look, and that element can be anything including chairs. Your choice of chairs for your party can make such a difference, changing a setting from casual to elegant to downright sophisticated, depending on your selection.

Basic white folding chairs are versatile and fit many different settings. They are usually weather resistant and hardy enough for an outdoor ceremony on gravel or a lawn. The expanded varieties are even pretty comfortable!  White folding chairs look great at an informal garden party, around indoor guest tables and even at simple, yet elegant evening affairs.

Outdoor party rental, under tents and at ceremonies on surfaces solid enough to accommodate their four-posted legs (which can basin in grass), Chivari ballroom chairs are available in different colors and are popular for wedding use.

Outdoor party rental
Outdoor party rental

Are you considering covering your chairs?  Slipcovers, chair caps and sashes now come in so Many varieties, colors, and sizes that they can be used on most varieties of chairs.Before you commit to a specific cover, however, request a free sample to try on your actual chair. By Testing out the size in advance, you can avoid a terrible surprise on the day of your event.

Chair covers linen can be paired with contrasting sashes to incorporate more of the colors in your

Chair covers linen
Chair covers linen

Palette. Sashes can also be used on their own and tied artfully around the backs of any chair to add a simple pop of color.If you’d like to know more about the best chair options for your event, call our resident experts

At Arlington Rental Inc.and we’ll be glad to help you consider your choices and pick the most functional and attractive style.  We look forward to hearing from you!



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